Tim Long


  • Visual Storytelling
  • Art: Murals
  • Digital Photography

Tim Long is a Graphic Designer with an expertise in illustration. As a child, Tim had a passion for art, literature, and creative writing. He would spend countless hours drawing and creating stories. His passion for art became a clear career path for him at the age 16. Tim became a freelance illustrator, it started small, he would be commissioned to do family portraits. His senior year of high school, Tim got the opportunity to do a portrait for the Miami Heat basketball player Udonis Haslem. That experience caught the attention of his art teacher Janice Young, she noticed that Tim had a natural interest in teaching. She would witness him help his peers in the classroom. With the help and guidance from Janice, Tim would then become a volunteer in a student-to-student mentoring program Florida Learn and Serve as an art instructor for at risk adolescents. Tim continued with the program up to graduating high school.

In June of 2008, Tim would return to working with children at an edutainment center located in Miami Florida, Cool-de-Sac Play Cafe. During his 6 years there, Tim would still freelance as an illustrator, working more with graphic novels, storyboarding, and fan art. Tim start developing a name for himself at comic book conventions as Timmy McFly the Art Guy. He would host panels at the conventions with other artists, The Panel Behind The Panel. A platform where they would discuss methods, ideology, and trends happening in the Graphic Arts/ Graphic Novel industry. Even with gaining local recognition, Tim felt that he was missing something, the classroom. Later, this decision would lead him to Full Sail University, where he majored in Digital Arts & Design. It was there that Tim found rediscovered his passion for storytelling and teaching. Today Tim has graduated from the program with a Bachelor of Science degree. Currently he is working as graphic designer and creative assistant at EKL Fashion.

“As long as there a story to tell, I will illustrate it. It is through storytelling, that we learn who we are, why we are here, and what we do while we are here.” - Tim Long