Tammy Selic

Tammy Selic comes to us with a wealth of experience to lead our STEM and nature courses. She earned her degree from Florida State University in Biology Education.  She has spent seventeen years in the classroom teaching at both the high school and middle school level. She was selected as Fulbright Exchange Teacher and spent a year teaching science at all levels in England. After the birth of two children, Tammy, dedicated herself to creating a strong foundation for her own children and began independently studying preschool and primary best teaching practices to homeschool her children

Tammy strives to create a fun learning environment through creative lesson plans to help the natural scientist within each child to flourish. She promises to lead students to science concepts through through projects with a purpose, hands-on activities, and inquiry-motivated learning experiences. She has recently formed her own company Sprouting Innovation to bring educational programs and events to the community based on her passions for education, wellness, and protecting our environment.