Number the Stars: Book Club

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Number the Stars: Book Club


Course Description Language is power, and our ability to use language purposefully, to communicate with others, is what makes us human. So, whether we are reading this course description, answering emails from Old Aunt Susan, writing a book report, asking for forgiveness from a loved one, appealing to politicians to think, feel, believe, or do something, or just writing for ourselves, language is an art . . . language is a skill . . . the art of language, whether written or spoken (or signed) is at the core of an ideal education. During Session I, students will explore the power of language through reading, writing, speaking, reflecting, and experiencing language through reading Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry. They will also develop their written communication through integrated grammar, mechanics, and composition activities (differentiated to meet the needs of diverse learning differences).

Book Description from Amazon: As the German troops begin their campaign to "relocate" all the Jews of Denmark, Annemarie Johansen’s family takes in Annemarie’s best friend, Ellen Rosen, and conceals her as part of the family.

Through the eyes of ten-year-old Annemarie, we watch as the Danish Resistance smuggles almost the entire Jewish population of Denmark, nearly seven thousand people, across the sea to Sweden. The heroism of an entire nation reminds us that there was pride and human decency in the world even during a time of terror and war.

Book is included.

Dates:  January 13, January 20, January 27

Time:  1:00-3:00pm

Location:  5873 N. Dean Road, Orlando, FL 32817

Teacher:  Meribeth Huebner, R School Executive Director and Associate Dean, Rollins College

Ages: 9-14

R School Enrollment is required prior to registering for any courses.

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