Course Descriptions

Infinite Possibilities (3rd-5th & 6th-8th):  Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9-10am

Students will develop critical mathematics skills in an interactive and supportive environment. They will have access to individualized academic resources that will improve their problem solving, decision making, critical, and creative thinking abilities.

Supplemental instruction and private on-site tutoring available upon request.

Personal Finance & Economics (3rd-5th & 6th-8th): Monday 10-11:30am


Introduction to Computer Science (3rd-5th & 6th-8th): Wednesday 10-11:30am


Movers, Shakers, Innovators, & Entrepreneurs:  The Space Race (3rd-5th & 6th-8th): Friday 10-11:30am

Students will learn about amazing "movers," "shakers," "innovators," and "entrepreneurs" who paved the way for others in the broad field of mathematics, science, engineering, technology, business, and other fields.  

Spring 2018:  The Space Race -- Students will read about the human computers at NASA and examine the math, science, and technology required to keep the United States competitive in the 20th century space race. Students will research and discuss ideas that stem from their curiosity and research and focus on effective communication strategies, argument/debate techniques, and formal presentation skills.

Rissman, Rebecca. Hidden women: the African-American mathematicians of NASA who helped America win the space race. Capstone Press, a Capstone imprint, 2018.

Shetterly, Margot Lee. Hidden figures: young readers edition. Harpercollins Childrens B, 2016.

History Detectives: Primary Sources and Central Florida (6th-8th) Monday 12:30-3pm


Americana: Being (Becoming) American (6th-8th): Wednesday 12:30-3pm


Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Emoji, and Memes (6th-8th): Friday 12:30-3pm


Music Mondays (3rd-5th): Monday 12:30-3pm


Wacky Wednesdays (3rd-5th): Wednesday 12:30-3pm


Florida Fridays (3rd-5th): Friday 12:30-3pm









Physical Education

Arts & Crafts

Advanced Art

Theater, Improv, and Readers' Theater


Drumming / Circle-Time (Thursday 9-10am): Recommended ages 5-9; 

Medieval Engineering (Thursday 10-11:30am): Recommended ages 9-14;

Color Dance (Thursday 12:30-2pm): Recommended ages 5-9;

Jr. Culinary Chemistry (Thursday 10-11:30am):  Recommended ages 5-9; 

Culinary Chemistry (Thursday 12:30-2pm): Recommended ages 9-14;