Shaun Kunz | “Up Hill” Teacher

Shaun Kunz (“Mr. Shaun”) brought his experience to R School in August 2018 and is the lead teacher for the Orlando East Middle School Academic Program. 

Shaun is a product of the Jersey Shore by way of Jersey City. Splitting time between the NJ and his father's home in the Poconos, (PA) Shaun learned to love the outdoors.

Springsteen is a way of life.

Shaun moved to Central Florida in 1993, attended Lyman High School in Longwood, and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Education (Secondary English) in 1999.

Shaun has been a public high school teacher and private middle and high school teacher, most recently at The Ampersand School where he was able to focus on teaching the whole child through project-based, interest-driven curriculum, supported by fundamental foundations and executive functioning skills.

Shaun's interests include the following:

  • curriculum development, diversification, and adaptation

  • private sector advocacy

  • individualized project learning

  • executive functioning skills initiation

  • gardening/composting/recycling

  • dumpster diving

  • tinkering & making