English / Language Arts

+Creative Non-Fiction: Stories of Triumph, Heroism, Innovation, & Survival (2018-2019)

Creative Non-Fiction is a literary craft that describes the techniques used by writers to tell a non-fiction story – a story about real people and real situations or events – using creative and entertaining, and sometimes dramatic prose. In this class, students will read examples of creative non-fiction, focusing on stories of triumph, heroism, innovation, and survival.

+Grammar Bootcamp / Intermediate Grammar & Editing (Fall 2018)

Grammar Bootcamp introduces students to the basics of American English Grammar and Mechanics. Improving your understanding of grammar will improve your critical reading, writing, and analysis skills and prepare you for more advanced academics. Intermediate level students will build upon the foundational skills in Bootcamp in their own writing and in published, professional writing from a variety of places.

+Introduction to / Intermediate Composition (Spring 2019)

Introduction to Composition introduces the fundamentals of writing. This course emphasizes the process of writing as it relates to the construction of coherent, well-developed, organized paragraphs and essays. Intermediate level students will focus on higher level methods of organization, genre/medium, audience, analysis, and research.

+Introduction to Fiction: Short Stories, Poetry, Drama, and Novels (2019-2020)

[description coming soon!]

Other courses coming soon:

  • Journalism (pre-req Grammar Bootcamp & Intro to Composition)
  • Film & Literature (pre-req Introduction to Fiction)
  • Speech & Debate