Science, Technology, & Engineering

Science includes an emphasis on computer science and integrated life, earth, and physical science. Computer Science lab opportunities include hands-on use of Raspberry Pi 3’s and other equipment. Science incorporates natural “lab” experiences either outside, on field trips, in the classroom, or online. Student performance expectations will be differentiated based on student level.

+Environmental Science (2018-2019)[1]

Environmental Science shows thematic connections between a variety of science disciplines including earth, life, and physical science. It gives students a coherent and realistic picture of the applications of a variety of scientific concepts as they manifest in our environment. The aim of this course is to increase students’ knowledge of the environmental challenges of today, while continuing to cultivate scientific critical thinking skills.

[1] Integrated Physical Science (2019-2020); Integrated Biological Science (2020-2021) -- tentative


Technology & Engineering: Technology and Engineering are part of the overall STEM curriculum and will include hands-on projects, problem-solving, and creative and critical thinking activities. Computer Science and Engineering lab opportunities include hands-on use of Raspberry Pi 3’s and other equipment.

Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering (2018-2019)[2]

Computer Science and Engineering topics include programming, physical computing, HTML/CSS, and creative problem-solving through the use of general engineering practices and design thinking concepts. Students will participate in student-directed, collaborative projects to identify and solve problems, communicate effectively, and have fun as they design their own websites, apps, games, physical computing devices.

[2] Intermediate Computer Programming (2019-2021); Electrical Engineering (2019-2021) -- tentative