R Star Education by R School


R School, a Florida not-for-profit K-8 independent school, was created in 2015 by a group of innovative educators, administrators, parents, and community members to design and implement developmentally appropriate, adaptable, and accessible educational alternatives to the standard public, private, and homeschool environments. R School creates student-centered, innovative educational programs that are designed to meet students where they are, academically and geographically. 

R Star Education

In response to the unique needs of athletes, musicians, artists, and other specialists, R School offers R Star Education, which was created to bring exceptional academics to students in an adaptive, personalized format. This flexible framework allows students with complex training or practice schedules to remain enrolled in school full-time and still pursue their non-academic passions without compromising their education or their extra-curricular activities.


Teachers, students, coaches, mentors, community members, and parents work collaboratively to create the ideal academic and athletic/non-curricular program for each student. R Star Education allows students to achieve their full potential in an environment structured around their special interests, and when education is designed to best meet the needs of the students, students are effectively engaged and learn most effectively. 

5th-8th Grade Curriculum

Students in grades 5-8 will receive 540 hours (4 academic credits) of core English / Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies (SS), Science, and Math (STEM), 135 hours of Leadership Training or Civic Engagement (1 academic credit), and 135 academic hours of Health, Fitness, or Team Sports (1 academic credit).  Students may choose from various electives for their remaining academic hours for an additional academic credit each year.

Academic Courses # Units Approximate
Hrs / Week
Science/Technology/Engineering/Math 2 7.5 270 hours
English 1 3.75 135 hours
Social Studies 1 3.75 135 hours
Leadership 1 3.75 135 hours
Physical Activity / Health / Team Sports 1 3.75 135 hours
Electives 1 3.75 135 hours
Total Academic Units / Hours 7 25-30 900-945 hours

9th-12th Grade Academic Support

Students enrolled in 9th-12th grades may participate in R School academic tutoring in math, science, social studies, and language arts. Some elective options may be available to high school students, as well as assessment or portfolio review.  


We have a strong commitment to appropriate assessment that guides academic instruction and provides reliable and valid information regarding individual student growth, strengths, and needs. In addition to teacher-created formative assessments throughout the year, students may take a comprehensive, normed, standardized assessment to inform the student, parents, and teacher of the child’s current level of academic performance and to inform instructional goals for the coming year. This assessment has been chosen in consultation with licensed clinical psychologists based on its reliability, validity, and developmental appropriateness regarding student learning.