Programs We Offer

Every family has different needs, so we have a variety of programs to choose from. All of our campus-based programs utilize multiage grouping (children within 3 years of each other in age), because it more accurately reflects real life and can provide both social and educational benefits. Early registration, multiple program, and sibling discounts are available. 5 day students receive priority in admission.


Foundational Academics K-3 (3 day)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

In our three day Foundational Academics program, the focus is on English/Language Arts and Mathematics. Children work at their own level and pace to reach understanding of concepts. While each classroom has up to 15 students, most instruction occurs in a small group (5 or fewer children) using age appropriate methods and hands-on activities. We guide students to work both independently and in cooperative small groups, and have both morning and afternoon recess built into the schedule, as recommended by multiple researchers and physicians. We use a variety of curriculum materials to tailor each child’s learning experiences, including SRA, Harcourt-Brace Trophies, Thinking Maps, JustWrite, Grammar Island, Math-U-See, WriteMath, and Life of Fred.



Exploring with Electives (2 day)

Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

In our two day Electives option, children have fun exploring and experimenting. Students learn through thematic science and social studies projects, cooking activities, gardening, engineering, and art. 


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For a balanced educational experience, enroll your child in both our 3 Day Foundational Academics Program and 2 Day Electives Program and receive a multiple program discount. 

$660 per month


Umbrella Program

Our umbrella program gives the home education community the advantages of private school enrollment (grades K-8) while maintaining the curricular freedom inherent in homeschooling. Students may attend field trips with R School and parents have access to our curriculum library. Annual assessments, portfolio reviews, and private curriculum planning sessions may also be scheduled with one of our trained and certified teachers for an additional fee.  

$50 per year (annual enrollment fee)


Specialized Tutoring

Our tutoring programs are tailored to the needs of each child and family. We use a variety of specialized instructional strategies and curriculum material to help children grasp academic and/or social skill concepts. Tutoring is available both during the day and after school hours. Rates vary depending on group size, instructor qualifications, frequency, and length of sessions. Contact us to create a tutoring plan that fits your needs.