The answer is not to standardize education, but to personalize and customize it to the needs of each child and community. There is no alternative. There never was.
— Sir Ken Robinson

Academic Program

R School offers part-time scheduling options that cover traditional academics in a non-traditional way, leaving students free to explore other interests on "off" days. Our academic flexibility allows students to choose engaging courses that align with their passions and interests, and our scheduling flexibility allows families to create the best schedule to meet their individual needs, either as a private school student under our Umbrella enrollment or as registered homeschoolers with the county.

Our classes are designed to allow students to explore their ideas and interests in a safe, collaborative environment. We recognize the limitations of the current one-size-fits-all approach to education in which students are expected to be on the same page on the same day with no responsiveness to different processes of learning. Developmental psychology tells us that children experience very uneven developmental trajectories, with children’s brains reaching developmental readiness for different concepts at highly individual rates. Research also tells us that children learn best when they are interested in the topic being studied, motivated to acquire knowledge and skills for a specific purpose, and confident in their abilities to succeed.

To best meet the needs of our students, R School has developed a mixed-age grouping approach that allows students to work at their own level to reach understanding of concepts. To tailor each child’s learning experiences, we emphasize hands-on, project-based activities that are supported through a variety of curriculum and materials including novels, art, music, technology, web resources, and more. Individual learning needs are addressed through small class environments, personalized activities, and low student/teacher ratios.

Learning Needs:  R School does not accept the McKay Scholarship and is not a direct recipient for the Gardiner Scholarship. However, our unique approach allows for gifted students as well as students with mild to moderate learning differences to find their personal learning paths, excel in areas often untested by standardized assessments, and work on areas of need without risk or penalty to them, their teachers, or the school.

Interviews with the school director and teachers prior to enrollment will help determine whether R School is the appropriate program for your child. For more information, email us at