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Upper Elementary Hours
M-F 8:30-3:30

UE Enrollment Options
M-F Full-time
MWF Academics
TR Electives

Upper Elementary

R School believes that children grow both academically and socially through inquiry-driven, project-based collaborations and useful problem-solving skill development. Our Upper Elementary program is designed to foster the natural curiosity of young children, ages 7-10, while developing the independent-functioning and academic skills necessary for more complex activities. 

Students enrolled in our full-time Upper Elementary program will receive 540 hours (MWF 9am-3pm) of core English / Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies (SS), Science, and Math (STEM),  plus a minimum of 360 hours (T/Th 9am-3pm) of various electives throughout the year, including art, music, physical education, gardening, cooking, crafts, engineering, technology, and more, for a total of 900 hours. 

Recess and free-play is vital to healthy childhood development. Rather than focusing on "standardized academics," R School students engage in a variety of free-play activities and enjoy a minimum of one hour of recess each day.  

Enrolling in our full-time program provides the most complete educational environment, but full-time enrollment may not fit the needs of all students. Therefore, students may also choose from a variety of part-time options, including academics only (MWF), electives only (TR), or a-la-carte enrollment for academics or electives when space is available.

1st Quarter Upper Elementary Schedule:

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Tuition & Fees

Annual Options

  • Full-Time:  $7,650 + $500 Curriculum & Materials Fee
  • 3-Day Academics (MWF):  $4,860 + $400 Curriculum & Materials Fee
  • 2-Day Any Days (M-F):  $3,610 + $300 Curriculum & Materials Fee
  • 1-Day Any Day (M-F):  $1,980 + $200 Curriculum & Materials Fee

Quarterly Options

  • 2-Day Electives (TR):  $1,199/Quarter 
  • 1-Day Any Day (M-F): $649/Quarter
  • A-La-Carte Electives (TR only):  Varies ($109-189/course)