Middle School

Academic Schedule

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Middle School is a time for exploring passions, finding out what makes each of us unique, and learning how we can impact the world around us.  R School sees individual curiosities, abilities, and learning styles as important factors in designing, differentiating, and assessing learning. Students in our Middle School program are encouraged to follow their interests, pursue problems and knowledge that build on their current understanding of the world, and defend their conclusions by explaining their thinking in a variety of ways. 

Students enrolled in our full-time Middle School program will receive a minimum of 540 hours of unique, topics-style courses in English / Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies (SS), and Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology (STEM) plus a minimum 360 hours of various electives throughout the year, including art, music, physical education, gardening, cooking, crafts, engineering, technology, and more, for a minimum of 900 instructional hours. 

Elective Schedule

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Recess and free-play is vital to healthy childhood development. Rather than focusing on "standardized academics," R School students engage in a variety of free-play activities and enjoy a minimum of one hour of recess each day.  

Enrolling in our full-time program provides the most complete educational environment, but full-time enrollment may not fit the needs of all students. Therefore, students may also choose from a variety of part-time options, including academics only (MWF), electives only (TR), or a-la-carte enrollment for academics or electives when space is available.

Middle School Hours:
M-F 8:30-3:30

Middle School Options:
MWF Academics
TR Electives
Specialized Services