Middle School Academics & Electives

Middle School is a time for exploring passions, finding out what makes each of us unique, and learning how we can impact the world around us.  R School sees individual curiosities, abilities, and learning styles as important factors in designing, differentiating, and assessing learning. Students in our Middle School program are encouraged to follow their interests, pursue problems and knowledge that build on their current understanding of the world, and defend their conclusions by explaining their thinking in a variety of ways. 

General Schedule (Google Calendar)

Middle School boys with their completed DIY pallet coffee table!

Middle School boys with their completed DIY pallet coffee table!

  • Mondays:  "Infinite Possibilities," "Personal Finance & Economics," "History Detectives"
  • Tuesdays (Electives):  "PE: Obstacle Courses and Team Sports," "Art (Advanced or Crafts)," "DIY," "Student Teaching"
  • Wednesdays:  "Infinite Possibilities," "Intro to Computer Science," "Americana"
  • Thursdays (Electives):  Music Appreciation II, "Medieval Engineering," "Culinary Chemistry," "Student Teaching"
  • Fridays:  "Infinite Possibilities," "Movers, Shakers, Innovators, & Entrepreneurs," "Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Emojis, and Memes"

Enrollment options include 5-day Academics & Electives, 3-Day Academics, 2-Day Electives, and limited 1-Day & A-La-Carte options. New students MUST apply first.  

Application and Bulk Enrollment


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Tuesday Individual Classes


Wednesday Individual Classes


Thursday Individual Classes


Friday Individual Classes