All Session I Electives

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All Session I Electives

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Register for ALL Session I Electives!  
Class Schedule:  8/15-10/12

Pay for the entire 9-weeks and receive a discount, or make 2 payments* (August 1 and September 1).

Full Session All Classes:  $825
Full Session Payment 1 (Due August 1):  $425
Full Session Payment 2 (Due Sept 1): $425

*Payment for the full session is expected for all registrations. Our payment plan option (2 payments) is for your convenience only. 

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Tuesday Electives:

9:00 Yoga (Vanessa Huff)

9:00 PE: Not Your Mama's (or Your Daddy's) PE Class (Shelby Ramsey)

10:00 Theater (Meagan Miller)

10:00 R Natural World (Vanessa Huff)

10:00 Cooking (Katie Olsen & Shelby Ramsey)

1:00 The Sun, the Moon, & the Stars (Vanessa Huff)

1:00 Theater (Meagan Miller)


Thursday Electives:

9:00 Gardening (Brant Muekeley)

9:00 Yoga (Samantha Lopez)

10:00 Cooking (Katie Olsen & Shelby Ramsey)

10:00 Gardening & Woodworking (Brant Muekeley)

1:00 Music, Movement, & Storytelling (Mark DeMaio)

1:00 Creative Non-Fiction (Lori Coffae)