2018-2019 Application Process

R School is now accepting applications for new students!  The application process includes submitting a full, online application and relevant documentation, meeting with the director and other staff, and collaborating to discover the best learning environment for your child. While we are an inclusive school, accepting of a wide range of abilities, backgrounds, and individual student goals, we strongly believe in finding the right educational option for each child. We are not looking for the "perfect child," but rather, we are looking for the perfect fit!  

Once your child is accepted into one of our programs, you will complete the enrollment process online.  Enrollment requires a 5% non-refundable deposit and a non-refundable curriculum/materials fee ($100-500, depending on the chosen enrollment).  

The remaining tuition may be paid in full to receive a 10% discount (must be paid by August 1) or will be payable in 9 monthly installments, starting August 1 and ending April 1.  

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