After School R Maker Space (W)


After School R Maker Space (W)


R Maker Space

Makerspaces are a lot like a room in your home, such as a recording space or sewing studio, where you work on projects. They have a lot of equipment and tools, some raw materials to build with, and the facilities to make things.  

Unlike your garage or craft room (or dining room table), however, a makerspace is also a place where a lot of people with shared interests get together to work on their own projects. That way, you can work on something while sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience with others. 

This term, we will be turning the R School classroom into our own makerspace, creating projects and collaborating to make them even better. Our main projects for the term are 

  • 3D print at least one project
  • Podcast/interview with a guest
  • Create a business brand

Homework is optional. We will do most of the work in the classroom.  For 3D printing, we will use two websites, primarily:

  • Thingiverse ( -- This is an open source site where you can find designs that are already complete and ready to be downloaded. With an account, you may like, collect, download, and comment on designs.
  • Tinkercad ( -- This site allows users to create or edit 3D designs using a simple interface. With an account, you may save your designs for use later.


TeacherNick Georgoudiou
Dates: March 28 - May 23 (Wednesday)
Times: 3:30-5:30pm (After School)
Ages:  10-14

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