Infinite Possibilities (M, W, and/or F)


Infinite Possibilities (M, W, and/or F)

from 90.00

Infinite Possibilities:  Monday,Wednesday, and/or Friday 9-10am

Students will work individually or in small groups on math skills.  R School can provide the math curriculum, you can bring your own math, or you can work on virtual school math -- all with the support of R School teachers. 

Teachers:  Jimmy Palmer, Meribeth Huebner, Mark DeMaio
Time: 9-10am Monday / Wednesday / Friday (can be individual days or multiple days)
Days:  March 26 - May 25
Cost:  Part of the 5, 3, or 1-day package, or $90-$270 for a 9-week course, depending on # of days chosen.

Students must apply and be accepted before enrolling.
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