Americana: Being (Becoming) American


Americana: Being (Becoming) American


Americana: Wednesdays 12:30-3:00pm (Middle School)

In this course, students will examine the rights and responsibilities of citizens, our founding documents including the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and put our citizenship knowledge to the test both on paper and in a real-world simulation.

Through our highly interactive approach, we’ll follow 7 immigrant stories from arrival through the big day when they take the Oath of Naturalization.

See how well you’d do on the US Naturalization (Citizenship) Test:

Teachers: Amy Selikoff & Meribeth Huebner
Dates: March 28 - May 23 (Wednesdays)
Ages:  Middle School (11-14)
Cost:  Part of the 5, 3, or 1-day package, or $225 for a 9-week course.

Students must apply and be accepted before enrolling.

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