Meribeth Huebner

Meredith "Meribeth" Huebner graduated with a Master of Education from Georgia Southern University in 2010 and a Master of Arts in English from Georgia State University in 2004.

Prior to moving to Florida, Meribeth was an Assistant Professor of English at the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick, GA, taught 10th grade English and Journalism at the Galloway School in Atlanta, and worked in banking and finance after graduating from the University of Georgia in 1994. 

Meribeth's current interests are in providing outstanding educational opportunities to children and adults, both at R School as well as in the adult and graduate programs at Rollins College, where she served as Associate Dean of the Hamilton Holt School from 2004-2017 and still teaches in the English department. 

Meribeth is the Executive Director and President of the Board of R School, which she and a group of dedicated educators and other professionals designed to meet the needs of children and families who want something different from the status quo.  With 11-year old Boy/Girl twins, Meribeth knows that children are different and that trying to educate all of them in the same way, regardless of their individual needs, doesn't help each individual child reach his or her full potential.

In her spare time (haha), Huebner enjoys reading, paddle boarding, and spending time with her family, including a soft-coated wheaten terrier named Rhetro (short for Rhetoric) and a cat named Gertrude (named after Hamlet's mother).


  • Book Club
  • Explorations
  • Instructional Design / Student Teaching
  • History Detectives (with Claire Strom)
  • Grammar Bootcamp
  • Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Emojis, and Memes