Mark DeMaio

Mark J DeMaio is a graduate of the University of Central Florida where he was first introduced to Joseph Campbell's writings and the idea that following one's bliss is a mythological journey. Though an avid lover of the University, Mark forwent Graduate school to follow his bliss for drumming and teaching. He has educated overseas and in the United States at Libraries, Schools, Science Centers, Universities, Corporations, and more.

In addition to educating youth in the community, Mark is a stepfather of one and father of three beautiful sons. He assisted at the birth of all his sons, and is an avid advocate for child-centered education and holistic parenting practices.

When not busy parenting, Mark writes children's books and songs. He also studies drums and percussion with a focus on creative rhythmic self-discovery. He plays ballet duns and trap kit primarily, but also loves djembe, doumbek, agogo bells, ngoma and anything else percussion related. He combines his love of family and drumming to facilitate other families in creative collaboration with his work as Drum Circle Facilitator, Drum Teacher, Emergent Story Teller and Mentor with self-owned