Lori Coffae

Creative Non-Fiction
Writing in Our Community

Lori believes that writing is a way to heal and to connect, to discover and to evolve, to create change and to affirm truths.

Lori received her PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from New Mexico State University and her Master’s in Technical Writing from UCF. Before that, she was a proud University of Florida Gator, graduating with a BA in English. An avid reader and writer since childhood, Lori has an affinity for both professional and nonfiction writing – so she is thrilled to be teaching these two electives for R School! An award-winning writer and writing teacher, Lori has led college-level writing courses for almost 25 years while concurrently consulting as a professional writer in various fields.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Lori serves on the board of The Finley Project, volunteers for ELEVATE! Orlando, and most recently, opened a private fitness studio with her husband, Anthony – where she now teaches Antigravity Fitness Classes!

Lori has three daughters and a step-daughter, making her unusually tired (but very grateful) every single day!