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Lesson 5 Intro to HTML

Slow Cooker Crack Chicken Webpage

Common Tags

To build any webpage you will need four primary tags: <html>, <head>, <title> and <body>. These are all container tags and must appear as pairs with a beginning and an ending.

<DOCTYPE html> (It’s telling or declaring to the browser that the following file is an HTML file.)

<html> </html> (This tells the browser that the following document is an html file. )

<head> </head> (The <head> tag contains the title of the document along with general information about the file, like the author, copyright, keywords and/or a description of what appears on the page.)

<title> </title> (Appears within the <head> tags and gives the title of the page. Try to make your titles descriptive, but not more than 20 words in length. The title appears at the very top of the browser page on the title tab.)

<body></body> (The main content of your page is placed within the body tags: your text, images, links, tables and so on.)

<h1></h1> (first level heading, largest size to smallest <h6>, can also be used with CSS code)

<p></p> (paragraph)

<br> (line break)

<hr> (To create a horizontal line on your page you use the empty tag)

<ul></ul> (unordered list—no numbers or sequence | bullets)

<ol></ol> (ordered list–numbers and sequential | numbered list)

<li><li> (list nested inside)

<a>…/a> (link tag>

href= (attribute for link tag, inside opening tag)

<img> (empty tag for images)

src= (attribute for image tag–where’s the source file)

alt= (attribute for image tag–alternative text)

height= (attribute for image tag–how tall is it)

width= (attribute for image tag–how wide is it)

<b>...</b> (bold)

<strong>…</strong> (strong )

<i>...</i> (italic format)

<em>…</em> (emphasis)

<small>…</small> (small)

<del>…</del> (strike-out/delete)

Lesson 4

Intermission Maker Space

Lesson 3 Intro to HTML

Website Design Project Part 1

Lesson 2

Web Design Intro

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>R School HTML</title>
<p>Learning HTML is fun.<br/>
What are the benefits to learning HTML?</p>
<p>Some reasons for learning HTML include having control over my own content design. This paragraph can be about anything as long as I have the paragraph breaks and other tags. </p>

Lesson 1

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>R School HTML</title>
<p>Learning to code is fun!</p>