RDV Hockey Academy: Training Program

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As part of the RDV Hockey Academy experience, students will participate in a variety of training activities, including hockey on-ice and off-ice training, health & wellness electives, and other physical fitness and health activities and electives.  Students can earn up to one R School academic unit per year in Team Sports, Fitness, Health, Outdoor Pursuits/Aquatics, or Physical Education (General). 

Training Program Overview


On-Ice Hockey Training

RDV Hockey Academy students will participate in approximately 6-10 hours of on-ice hockey training or other on-ice activities each week. 

Off-Ice Training

Complementing the extensive ice activities, students will participate in approximately 4-5 hours of off-ice training each week.  Off-ice training may include floor hockey, strength/endurance training, and other fitness activities in relation to hockey.

Hockey / Leadership Electives

In addition to physical training and traditional academics, students will participate in a variety of non-academic classroom electives, including units on the following topics:

  • offensive/forward tactics
  • defensive tactics
  • officials certification
  • student coach training
  • hockey theory & discussion
  • nutrition, fitness, and health

Other activities

Although hockey and academics are our primary focus, students will also have the opportunity to participate in various other activities at RDV Sportsplex:

  • performance training
  • tennis
  • swimming
  • basketball
  • floor hockey
  • and other multi-sport gym activities