Installment Plans

Installment plans for quarterly enrollment and individual course enrollment are available as a convenience to participants and are due in full regardless of attendance or continued enrollment.  By completing this enrollment process, you agree to make all payments under any installment plan for the following, regardless of enrollment status:

  • Individual Electives or Academic Courses

  • After School Courses

  • Field Trips

  • Tutoring Sessions or Specialized Services

  • Quarterly Enrollments

Installment plans for annual or semi-annual enrollments are payable according to the Withdrawal and Refund Policies (30 day notice).


Payments are due upon registration or according to the installment plan for individual programs, typically on the first of the month.  

  • Annual tuition for 2, 3, & 5-Day Programs: 9 installments (August 1 - April 1)

  • A-La-Carte / Individual Courses: due upon registration

  • Summer Camp: Due 10 days prior to session start date

Late Fees

  • Late Payment: 10%

  • Late Pick-Up: $10 first 10 minutes, $25 from 11-59 minutes



Students must provide a 30 day written or electronic notice to withdraw from R School. Tuition and fees are due in full through the end of that 30-day notice, and refund policies are based on the last day of the 30-day notice. 

General Refund Policy

Refunds for annual tuition accounts paid in full at the beginning of the year may be available according to the following schedule (excluding application, enrollment, and supply fees):

  • Cancellation/Withdrawal by July 12th: 90%

  • Cancellation/Withdrawal on or after July 13th and before or on August 10th: 75%

  • Cancellation/Withdrawal on or after August 11th and before or on October 12th: 50%

  • Cancellation/Withdrawal on or after October 13th and before or on December 21st: 25%

  • Cancellation/Withdrawal on or after December 22nd and before or on January 4th: 10%

  • Cancellation on or after January 5th: 0%

Students who are dismissed from any R School program for behavior will not receive a refund of the current session but may receive refunds for unattended programs according to the above refund policy. 

Refunds are not available for anyone on an installment plan, and payment is required through the 30th day of notice of withdrawal.

Application, enrollment (re-enrollment), and supply/curriculum fees are not refundable.