Anna Karasik

Anna Karasik has loved working with children since she was a child herself. At 12 years old, Anna volunteered to tutor Hebrew at her temple and began babysitting for family friends. Years later, she would end up teaching crochet and knit at Michaels, as well as running their summer camp classes for two years. Talk about a fun first job!

Teaching arts & crafts was a natural choice, since Anna comes from an artsy background. Since the third grade, she has been involved in music and drama, participating in choirs, plays, and even a cappella groups through the years. Her love of the stage developed into a passion for producing, so she pursued a B.A. in English at the University of Central Florida and spent her first years out of college working as an Associate Producer at Fox 35 News. Today, Anna enjoys writing for local businesses in an effort to build her portfolio; she also continues to babysit and tutor children.