Amy Selikoff, Middle School
English Language Arts / Social Studies

A lifelong geography nerd, Amy majored in history and journalism at the University of Florida. After a summer internship, she fell in love with teaching kids, left journalism, and pursued a Masters in secondary education. She taught 7th grade social studies for the past 12 years in Orange County and now teaches Middle School Social Studies and Integrated Language Arts for R School in Orlando.

Her life goal is to learn everything there is to learn about anything there is to learn about.
Amy also is interested in the beautiful intersections between art and math. Especially with modular origami. Since 2008 Amy and her husband, Nathan, have attended the Bridges Math Art Conference, hosted in different university towns around the world, including the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, South Korea, and the United States. This combines three of her favorite things: traveling, learning and adventure.

She loves public speaking and believes she can make any topic fun and relevant to any audience, especially the Constitution. Here is a list of some of her favs: