To design and implement developmentally appropriate, adaptable, and accessible educational alternatives to public, private, and homeschool environments.

Our Vision

R School strives to provide real-life learning opportunities that empower students to ask questions, seek answers, and communicate their knowledge with one another.  We also envision a learning experience that puts children in daily contact with nature, their environment, and their community. We believe in partnering with others who share our vision for educating young people and inspiring a personal quest for knowledge within our children.

We need as many options as we have learning styles and passions, and R School is committed to building a network of micro-schools, embedded in communities, that best meet the unique needs of the children in that community. 

About Us

R School was created by a group of passionate educators, parents, advocates, and visionaries who knew there must be a better way to educate our children and that education must adapt to the needs of the children, not the other way around.  

Education is not a "one-size-fits-all" business that can be automated and generalized to the entire population. Our children are not "standard," so why should our education be standardized?


We also know that not all children are "5-day a week" kids, and that some families want more involvement in their children's education, so our flexible model allows for families to choose the right option for them, at the right price point, and on the right schedule. 

R School is Central Florida’s educational alternative designed to meet students where they “are.”  In contrast to learning environments that require conforming to standardized testing and adhering to fixed curriculum, R School offers a child-centered approach to education that allows students to be active participants in their own learning. While grounded in traditional academics, R School’s curriculum is designed around each child’s curiosity and learning style. Students learn in small, multi-age, modular classes guided by exceptional education professionals and specialists. 


R School is the solution for parents seeking the highest quality education for their children in a progressive, pioneering environment. The first of its kind in Central Florida, R School delivers an adaptable, accessible educational alternative to public, private, and homeschool environments. Offering a flexible fee structure and schedule, R School strives to be affordable, providing equitable access for children of varying socio-economic and religious backgrounds as well as differing abilities and learning styles.