Electives (Ages 5-9)

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R School offers a variety of elective courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A-La-Carte registration will open on August 7th, but annual or quarterly enrollment for 1-2 Day Electives is currently available.

New students must apply to R School prior to registering for electives.

Annual Price Tuesday & Thursday:  $3,610 + $300 Curriculum/Materials Fee
Quarterly Price Tuesday & Thursday:  $1,980 + $200 Curriculum/Materials Fee

Annual Price Tuesday OR Thursday:  $1,099 (includes Curriculum/Materials Fee)
Quarterly Price Tuesday OR Thursday: $599 (includes Curriculum/Materials Fee)

Pricing does NOT include the 3:45-5:30 after school classes.

Elective Course Descriptions & Individual Prices

Tuesday Electives (August 14 - October 9)


Physical Education (General) / Tuesday 9:00-9:45am

Staying active is a lifelong pursuit, and finding hobbies that can provide regular activity is one of the keys to lifelong health and wellness. Students will design their own fitness courses and create innovative ways to stay active. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll just run stadium miles for an hour. Haha. Just kidding. Or R we?
Individual Price:  $99
Dates:  8/14-10/9


Gardening / Tuesday 9:45-11:15am

Students will plan, plant, tend, and harvest edible and non-edible plants for each growing season.  Between gardening sessions, students will confront the issues facing our environment today, including threats of pesticides, pollution, habitat loss and other human impacts on the natural world around us. Students will learn what plants and animals need to survive, the importance of balanced ecosystems, and steps we can take to support the interconnected web of life around us and become better stewards of the Earth.
Individual Price:  $189
Dates:  8/14-10/9


IMPROV(ing) Social & Emotional Skills / Tuesday 12:15-1:45pm

In this fun, interactive improv class, students will engage in the act of risk-taking in a safe environment and learn the art of “Yes, and . . .” Life can be messy, and so often, we expect everything to turn out perfectly, but in this class, students learn to expect the mess and then find ways to get through it (or around it). 
Individual Price:  $189
Dates:  8/14-10/9


Recycled Art / Tuesday 1:45-3:00pm

Students will develop their crafting skills while learning about recycling and sustainability in an active, hands-on, fun environment. 

Individual Price:  $189
Dates:  8/14-10/9


Lego Club

Lego Club is designed to provide students with an enjoyable activity that stimulates and develops spatial intelligence and fine motor skills. Students will build independently in our “innovation” zone, complete scripted builds in our “structured” zone, and attempt various design concepts in our “challenge” zone. 

Opportunity to participate in Lego Club will be available to students at various times, including as alternatives to some electives, during breaks/recess if weather is bad, or other times as needed or desired.
Not available for individual registration.



Music Appreciation I: Thursday 9:00-9:45am

External distractions in our world pull our attention out of ourselves and away from our bodies/feelings, but how can students become more mindful of what is happening in their own bodies?  Students will engage in fun movement and stretching exercises, and rhythm / drumming activities as they explore the world of the creative, feeling, sensing-self. This class is a physical and rhythmic exploration through play, storytelling, music, and more.
Individual Price: $99
Dates:  8/16-10/11


Cooking:  Big World. Little Bites / Thursday 9:45-11:15am

R School cooking classes are designed to encourage innovation, divergent thinking, independence, curiosity, and risk-taking, while fostering creativity, resilience, and flexibility -- all within a safe, encouraging, and delicious environment. 
Individual Price: $189
Dates:  8/16-10/11


Creative Movement & Storytelling w/ a Twist / Thursday 12:15-3:30pm

Students in Creative Movement will explore movement through creative challenges, choreography, and more, with the added elements of integrated storytelling and art. All classes will include a warm-up & cool down that incorporate a fusion of dance styles, fun age appropriate movements, exercise, and yoga.  
Individual Price: $348 (double class)
Dates:  8/16-10/11


Loose Parts

Inspiring play, critical thinking, innovation, and flexibility in young children is the goal of this course.  Students in Loose Parts will move, manipulate, control, and change various synthetic and natural found, bought, or upcycled materials to create endless possibilities.

Opportunity to engage with Loose Parts will be available to students at various times, including as alternatives to some electives, during breaks/recess if weather is bad, or other times as needed or desired.
Not available for individual registration.